Why learn to operate a crane?

In order to be able to use and work safely with heavy industrial machinery such as cranes, crane operators and workers related to this type of equipment must participate in training on Crane safety certificate.

What is a crane?

Overhead Crane is a lifting device consisting of two main movements, horizontal and vertical, for lifting and moving goods in a certain working space.

Overhead Crane

Crane classification?

Cranes can be classified according to the following forms:

- Classification according to the use of the crane: Used to lift and lower loads, move loads, install loads, ...

- Classification according to the driving mechanism of the crane: Electric drive (lifting and moving by 1-phase, 3-phase electric motors); Hand drive (lifting by hoist and hand chain runner suspended on the crane girder, and crane movement driven by gear transmission, transmission shaft, etc.)
- Classification according to crane girder structure: Single girder crane (single girder crane); Double girder gantry crane (double girder bridge crane).

Is it legal to learn to operate a crane?

In addition to ensuring safety for users and people around, they must also comply with the provisions of Section 3.6.2, QCVN 7: 2012/BLDTBXH - National technical regulation on occupational safety for equipment lift, specifically:

“3.6.2. Persons in charge of technical management and operation management of lifting equipment must receive basic training in the profession they undertake; receive training in occupational safety and health for the first time before assigning a job, receive annual training and be granted a certificate of safety training as prescribed; understand the technical features of the lifting equipment they are in charge of; know the safety technical standards and regulations related to lifting equipment”.

This means that managers and operators of lifting equipment in general and cranes in particular must be trained, professionally trained and have a certificate to be allowed to operate.

Why learn to operate a crane?

Penalties for not learning but operating the crane?

In Clause 3, Article 23, Decree 28/2020/ND-CP stipulates a fine of between VND 15,000,000 and VND 20,000,000 for employers who operate cranes without training.

Benefits of taking a crane operator training course

To ensure that the business operates in accordance with the law. The business owner must ensure that the employees work in the business; must attend training courses corresponding to the work they undertake. And workers working with Cranes. Must study crane safety certificate group 3; in order to comply with the law. In addition, participating in a training class to operate lifting equipment also ensures safety and minimizes risks that may occur during the working process.

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