Crane operating process not everyone knows and does it right

The crane operator only needs to perform the following steps in turn, which can increase the durability of the crane's ability to work effectively and ensure the safety of people and goods.
Crane operators must be trained, have a crane driving license and have safety instructions.

Crane operating process not everyone knows and does it right

Following are the steps to operate crane or lifting equipment

Step 1: Check the power equipment carefully

Check the load cable, lifting hook for any abnormal signs or not. Check the crane hoist operation by pressing the up and down button to move no load for abnormality.

If cracks are detected in important structural areas, metal deformation, the brakes of any mechanism show signs of failure, the hooks and pulleys are corroded or cracked.

Unstable power sources damage electrical equipment in the crane such as lifting motors, components in electrical cabinets and moving motors.

Step 2: Check that the load is not lifted beyond the design load

Must lift the load to a height not greater than 300m, keep the load to check the brake, check the durability of the metal structure, the stability of the crane, if it is not safe, lower the handling load.

The crane has a device to limit the load (overload alarm) to ensure that the lifting load is within the allowable limit. When the crane is overloaded, the device will automatically cut off the power supply, causing the crane to not work. To operate again, you must manually operate on the crane switchboard to activate and open the source aptomat.

Fully implement the crane operation process to ensure the safety of people and goods

Step 3: Lift the load vertically only

Lifting must be in a vertical direction, if it is tilted or angled, it can cause damage to the equipment and danger to people standing near the lifting object. During operation, the cable must be observed to move through the pulley to control the crane so that it does not twist or overlap.

Step 4: Note

Note: Do not stand under the crane hook, load or stand on a lifting object when operating the crane. The crane may slip due to brake failure, broken load cable or rope, leading to occupational accident.

Step 5: Access the lifting load only when lower than the head

When lowering the load, it is necessary to stop in front of the floor from 300-400mm and then continue to lower the load. Similarly, when lifting the load, also lift it from 200-300mm from the face, check it is stable and then continue to raise it higher.

Step 6

The equipment is only moved when the used electric hoist or hoist is in the required position on the crane.

Step 7

It is forbidden to use automatic stop devices to stop the machine instead of control switches. Do not allow maintenance personnel to repair while in operation.

Step 8

After operating the crane, it is necessary to turn off the power and put the control device in a safe, dry place.

Above are the steps to operate the crane, crane operators need to remember and be thoroughly trained before using the crane. Hope this article has brought you useful information.

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