Investment: Double girder crane accessories should be upgraded

Cranes have many different structures, bringing different effects. So which important double girder crane accessories should be invested? Let's find out through the article "Investment: The accessories of double girder crane should be upgraded" to ensure the demand for lifting equipment of your business.


If your crane is equipped with a standard hoist, many of the internal crane accessories can be interchangeable or interchangeable without the need to completely remove and replace your hoist. You can replace the larger motor or transmission easily without affecting other parts. For pneumatic hoists, upgrading will be difficult because this equipment is a complete system, and the parts are closely related to each other.

Beams and wheels

One of the most common problems with cranes is uneven and excessive wear of the side girder wheels. Wheels on cranes will naturally wear out with use and require more frequent maintenance, replacement, and adjustment than other components. However, when the crane is deflected or moving when it is overloaded and exceeds the operating mode for which it is designed, additional pressure will be placed on the side girder and the wheel as it travels on the track.

Investment: Double girder crane accessories should be upgraded

You can upgrade to a wheel made of a stiffer material that is better suited to the application and stiffness of the rail. A wheel harder than the rail stiffness will begin to cause excessive wear on the rails or beams themselves, so make sure the wheels are made properly for the rails they use, but can also withstand additional loads. Bearings can also be upgraded to a larger load-bearing grade when upgrading their lifting capacity.

Main girder, track, track girder

During the feasibility study, a consultant or structural engineer can help determine what reinforcement options can be made to increase the bearing capacity of the gantry and rail structures to ensure greater load capacity. Crane girders can be reinforced by welding more steel plates, bearing ribs...etc

At the same time, the PE can make recommendations on any changes that need to be made to the engine, transmission, and crane brake system.

When you think about structural reinforcement, most people always think of the support frames and rails and crane girders and ignore the foundation. A foundation survey should also be performed to ensure that the building's foundation and floor can withstand the new crane load requirements.


When the power of the engine changes, the transmission system also changes. Any changes to gear sets or engine dimensions will also require changes to the crane's drive and control systems. The addition of a modern control system, such as an inverter, can make acceleration and deceleration control smoother — eliminating abrupt starts and stops, and helping to prevent loads from shaking. Smoother starts and stops, all helping to avoid daily wear and tear on your crane equipment.

Double girder overhead crane control

Modern remote controls also provide easier control and more precise operation. Crane operators and production staff can now use mobile devices, tablets, and computers to view real-time diagnostic data, including:

  • Error code.
  • The number of lifts and duty cycles the actuator has performed.
  • Equipment capacity.
  • Maintenance requirements for parts.
  • Draw amp and voltage

Brake system

If you choose to upgrade your crane's brakes with the addition of a motion softener inverter, you can significantly reduce the wear and tear on your brake system — especially if the crane is lifting and moving heavier loads than originally designed. Having the motor control and slowing down the crane's movement compared to using the brake to slow down the crane, can prolong the life of the crane's braking system.

The above article shares with you useful information related to crane accessories that need to be upgraded when in use. Hope it helps you a little in your research.

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