Crane maintenance: principles of safe crane use

Crane is a type of equipment used to lift and lower heavy objects, loading and unloading goods and materials of large sizes and loads from several tons to several thousand tons. The crane operates mainly by electricity, the lifting objects are bulky, so the damage needs to be replaced in time to avoid serious consequences in the production process. Here are the principles of safe crane maintenance.

Reasons for crane maintenance?

  • Ensure labor safety: if you do not regularly check and maintain, you will encounter problems and failures that greatly affect the operation of the work, more seriously, the lives of those present when the incident occurs. happen.
  • Ensure the system operates without interruption: the working process will be interrupted if a link in it is broken causing the system to break, it takes time to reconnect the link for the operation to take place. out normally, labor productivity is guaranteed.
  • Increase the use time of the crane in the future: a long-term use of equipment will all be damaged, but the damage is more or less depending on the maintenance process of that equipment. Early and regular maintenance will prevent the equipment from severe damage and wear and tear later on.

Signs to recognize when the crane needs maintenance and repair

The maintenance process must be carried out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis according to the working level of the crane:

  • First of all, it is necessary to visually assess the crane parts in terms of external structure such as joints, cracks, inclination of beams, electrical systems, hoists, rollers, wheel assemblies. moving on the running track, ... is the operation normal or not?
  • Preliminary inspection with the naked eye, then inspect the details and structure of the crane: check the nuts, bolts, brake pedals, motor and reducer, gasket joints, cable winch , cables, bridge cars, running rails, ... is there any instability?
  • Carry out periodic tasks such as: cleaning and re-aligning the surface of the brake wheel, checking the pulley system, cables, changing grease on cables, blowers, cable terminals, electrical cabinets, ...

With each part having different structure and maintenance, when there is any abnormality, it is necessary to immediately report to the technical and maintenance department to make a timely adjustment plan.
End of crane maintenance and repair process

  • After carrying out maintenance, the technician in charge of operating the crane needs to check the operation of the crane for abnormal signs such as: shaking, emitting strange noises, ... then check. and avoid serious consequences during use. The information about the maintenance and repair process should be carefully recorded, more convenient later.
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