Completing the construction project of lighting works at Tam Chuc Pagoda (Ba Sao town, Kim Bang, Ha Nam)

Previously, the majestic but magical look of Trang An - Bai Dinh spiritual monument made visitors everywhere fascinated, now people are even more excited when news of Tam Chuc temple complex in town Ba Sao town, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province - the largest temple in the world where the Vesak UN Ceremony took place in 2019. Quang Trung Industrial Group Joint Stock Company supplies all street lights and garden lighting for this 5,000-hectare complex.

Introduction about Tam Chuc tourist resort complex

Tam Chuc Pagoda is located in Ba Sao town, Kha Phong commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province, about 60km from the center of Hanoi city. The entire temple complex has a total area of ​​5000 hectares, including lakes, natural rocky mountains and valleys, creating a pristine, marvelous setting, as if a "Ha Long Bay on land" of Vietnam Male. The pagoda was built on the foundation of the old Tam Chuc pagoda, which according to the collected artifacts, archaeologists concluded that this ancient temple dates back over 1,000 years. Now, through many ups and downs of space and time, there are only wooden pillars, stone pillars and stone beams left behind.

The population of Tam Chuc Pagoda has a quite special position "Pre-production of music, Hau Tinh Tinh" with three sides surrounded by a series of seven-star-shaped starry mountains, in front of Tam Chuc Lake, there are six Luc Son Thuy mountains. onto the huge water balloon print. This is a very special temple, it is said that the six mountains in the middle of the lake in front of the temple are six heavenly bells and the seven mountains behind have big bright spots like seven shimmering stars every time. night back.

Quang Trung Group participated in the construction of lighting projects at Tam Chuc Pagoda

In this project, Quang Trung Industrial Group Joint Stock Company provides all street and garden lights for this 5,000-hectare complex. Thanks to the Quang Trung light, monks and nuns and Buddhists can more easily travel, convenient transportation to visit the temple. If you are looking for a spiritual tourist destination that gives the soul a sense of relaxation and relaxation, Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex is an ideal place that many people choose.

Some pictures are in the process of finishing installing Quang Trung LED lighting at Tam Chuc Pagoda

Quang Trung LED lights are installed right from the entrance of Tam Chuc Pagoda to make transportation more convenient

The road is now complete. there is still a long way to go to the temple gate (daytime)

The road is now complete. still a little further from the temple entrance (at night)

Tam Quan Palace is in the process of building and completing more

Group of tourists from afar visit Tam Chuc Pagoda (Ba Sao, Kim Bang, Ha Nam)

A few notes to remember when traveling to Tam Chuc Pagoda

Tam Chuc pagoda is still in the process of construction so it is impossible to avoid noise and dust. Therefore, according to Tam Chuc Pagoda travel experience, you should bring a mask as well as a full hat. If you are bringing children, you absolutely need to keep an eye on them and stay safe. The temple is usually open until 9pm to welcome visitors.

Tam Chuc Pagoda is not only the pride of the people of Ha Nam but also the pride of the whole country of Vietnam. If you want to travel in one of the largest spiritual resorts in the world, come to Tam Chuc Pagoda in Ha Nam.